Cork is singluar and
so fascinating
that no industrial or technological process
can mimic it.

It is important in the cork industry to establish sustainable development based on current concerns with environmental issues. The entire production process was designed to implement new methods to achieve the best productivity, but taking into account environmental concerns. Effective management of these factors has brought us competitiveness and has made us one of the leading companies in the field of natural cork stoppers.
Caring for the environment is the guarantee of a better future.


Our goal is to stay on track to progress and meet the growing demands of customers.

Quality control

The quality control adopted allowed us to obtain the Quality Certificate of the International Code of Cork Stopper Practices.


Caring for the environment is the guarantee of a better future, as well as establishing a sustainable development.

young, dynamic,
ambitious and innovative.

Founded in 1980 by the current Managing Partner Mr. Álvaro de Oliveira Ferreira. In 1995 the company became a joint-stock company, having as partners its sons Marisa Ferreira and André Ferreira.

Its main activity is the manufacture of Cork Specialties being this Natural or Agglomerated type. We aim to maintain and expand our target markets by choosing the most advanced technologies, thus achieving high levels of efficiency and accuracy.


   The work of our laboratory and its specialized technicians is essential to the quality of everything we do. There is a set of tests and analyzes that our laboratory makes throughout the manufacturing process of our stoppers that are decisive for the final guarantees and quality.

laboratory ferreicork

Determination of the dimensions, humidity, ovality and apparent bulk density of stoppers.

Evaluation of the force required to remove a cork from a bottle, by simulation under defined conditions, of the corking and uncoiling.

Simulation of the corking in cylindrical tubes to which different internal pressures are applied; checking of the behavior of the stoppers under such conditions.

Detection and qualification olfactiva of the aromas present in the corks.


quality ferreicork

Geographic Expansion

   From the very beginning, Ferreicork - Cortiças, Lda. Was dedicated to export.

   To meet the challenge of satisfying the customer and the growing demands of markets, dealing with different traditions and preferences, some business experience is required.

   Ferreicork provides the market for: Chile, Colombia, Spain, United States of America, Philippines, France, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru and Portugal.

ferreicork world


   Certification ensures competitiveness as a key factor for success. For FERREICORK-CORTIÇAS, Lda. Is a stimulus to improvement. For Customers it is more proof of confidence in the product. FERREICORK-CORTIÇAS, Lda. Has been certified by SYSTECODE - International Code of Cork Stopper Practices since 2006 and is implementing ISO 9001.