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Quality control

The quality control adopted allows us to obtain the Quality Certificate of the International Code of Cork Stopper Practices.


Caring for the environment is the guarantee of a better future, as well as establishing a sustainable development.

The cork is a 100% natural plant tissue.
More of 50% of its volume is air,which makes it
very light.

It is important in the cork industry to establish sustainable development based on current concerns with environmental issues. The entire production process was designed to implement new methods to achieve the best productivity, but taking into account environmental concerns. Effective management of these factors has brought us competitiveness and has made us one of the leading companies in the field of natural cork stoppers.
Caring for the environment is the guarantee of a better future.

cork tree cork

   Versatile and Unique

Cork is the bark of cork oak. It is a 100% natural plant tissue and consists of a beehive of microscopic cells that have a gas identical to the air and coated mainly by suberin and lignin.

cork stoppers

   100% Natural

It is a raw material 100% natural, 100% reusable and 100% recyclable extracted from cork oaks without ever harming the normal development of the species and without damaging the tree.


The extracted cork is harvested at 100%. But after being transformed, for example in corks, cork can re-enter the productive process.



Cork stoppers can be recycled by grinding. The granulate resulting from this process can be used in other products such as shoe soles, coating panels, fishing floats.

cork oak bark